You're back in the gym, so how do you build muscle?

How to Build Muscle Without Weights

Building muscle without weight training is difficult, but it can be done. Many of you would of found this a struggle throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, but with the right guidance, nutrition and exercise you can build muscle! First of all, you must be eating enough dietary protein, particularly from nutrient dense sources that contain all nine essential amino acids in abundance as well as vitamins and minerals. Much of the recent evidence suggests that all amino acids are required to have an optimal response in muscle, as well as micronutrients, although the reasons for the latter are still not known. To gain muscle without weights, you must increase eccentric load and time under tension. Essentially, slow your body weight work down and make it a challenge. Finally, whilst building muscle is generally measured by mass and strength, building muscle is also non-hypertrophic which means whilst it may not increase in size and strength, it will increase metabolic capacity, such as anabolic and insulin sensitivity. Essentially, how fast our metabolism is firing; want to find out more about this, see our founder’s recent scientific paper on this topic: