Performance Nutrition

How it Works

  • You'll record a food diary which will be analysed using specialist software to investigate diet quality and all aspects that relate to your nutrition.

  • You'll discuss your training and goals with us.

  • We'll measure your anthropometry (body fat, height, weight) and provide recommendations on this.

  • You'll discuss any competitions that are coming up or anything you may want to peak for. 

  • We will provide a detailed, periodised plan, that will help you meet your goals and ensure success.

  • You'll have access to our app and client/consultant interface. 

  • We will support you throughout on WhatsApp.

  • We will retest anthropometry & adjust plans to meet training requirements and needs. 

What's the Benefit?

  • Recent research highlights the importance of consuming a nutrient rich diet with adequate essential fatty acids and amino acids for optimal health and performance. 

  • Our evidence driven guidance will ensure you're eating to maximise health and drive performance outcomes. 

  • Nutrient type, timing and amount are vital in situations that surround a training stimulus. We provide a blueprint, paired with expert support, for maximising your training sessions. 

  • You'll have options for both at home and eating out, with your goals in mind, as well as the flexibility of eating due to easy access to your Nutritionist. 

  • You will succeed with our support and guidance. We use proven science which is applied to your individual needs. Get in touch by clicking the button below!