Health and Wellbeing

How Does it Work?

  • Send an enquiry by clicking the link below. 

  • Your consultant, Richie, will get in touch, book you in, and send you a confirmation email. 

  • You'll discuss your problem and lifestyle with your consultant.

  • You'll share your food diary which is analysed using specialist nutrition software.

  • We'll measure your anthropometry (body fat%, height, weight).

  • We'll provide recommendations which fit easily around your lifestyle.

  • You'll receive a personalised, detailed plan which will ensure success post consultation with us. 

  • We will support you via WhatsApp throughout to help you between consultations.

Why Nutrition is Important

  • Food is a powerful tool to improve your health and wellbeing. 

  • Research suggests that the concentrations of micronutrients are vital for maintaining human health. 

  • Over or under consumption of nutrients  can have a direct impact on many aspects of health, including: body composition, inflammation, muscle mass, body fat, energy levels, cognitive performance and mood. 

  • Diet quality has recently been shown to be an important aspect to the bodies response to macronutrients, therefore, focusing attention on the quality and quantity of food consumed will impact health.  

  • Guidance on essential nutrient consumption is important for optimal health in a world where choices are everywhere! 

  • Enquire below to utilise nutrition to be your best self!