Data Driven Programming

How We Programme Using Your Data

  • Either we use existing data or collect new data using our state of the art metabolic equipment, paired with your performance data from your chosen performance tracker. 

  • We use heart rate and blood markers of fatigue (lactate) to design  a programme to push back certain variables.

  • Our programmes are periodised over time and thus, require a commitment of longer than just one month to see real performance gains. 

  • We use our in house app to send your your programme, where you can also chat with your consultant.

  • We cater the programme around your lifestyle and performance needs. 

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Who Will Benefit

  • Our bespoke programming services is aimed at those who are top club level, semi pro or elite level athletes. 

  • This includes triathletes, cyclists, runners, team sport athletes, CrossFit, weightlifting and associated sports. 

  • Athletes who partake in many training sessions per week, aiming to balance the benefits of different types of training sessions against one another. 

  • Athletes that need guidance and support with their training, as well as realistic goal setting. 

  • We periodise nutrition with the programming to get the best performance outcomes day by day.