Advanced Physiological Testing

What We Offer in Our Lab

  • All tests are carried out using state of the art metabolic equipment for breath by breath analysis.

  • Maximal oxygen uptake analysis during exercise.

  • Lactate threshold testing during incremental exercise.

  • Resting metabolic rate testing.

  • Fuel utilisation during rest and exercise.

  • Energy expenditure analysis .

  • Summary report explaining your session.

  • Recommendations provided based on the data we gain.

  • Programme design based on the data from your test to provide you with a data driven approach to training and incremental gains. 

How it Works

  • Book in a time and day in our central London or Kent performance lab.

  • Richie will get in touch and have an initial telephone consultation with you to understand your situation, goals and any other relevant information to ensure you have the highest level of service possible. 

  • You'll receive a confirmation email detailing exactly what will happen on the day of your appointment.

  • Perform the test in our performance lab under direct supervision and guidance from Richie. 

  • Richie will discuss the results with you before compiling a detailed report which includes recommendations. 

  • Finally, you'll have a follow up appointment to discuss results, how the results effect your nutrition and training, or how you can use the data to maximise your health. 

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