Experts in nutrition, physiology and advanced physiological testing for athletic performance, general wellbeing and body composition in Wapping & Central London

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Performance Nutrition Testing and Consulting Across Richmond, Putney, Wapping & East London. 

At Focus Food we're experts in nutrition, physiology and advanced nutrition testing for athletic performance, general wellbeing and body composition. Based in Wapping, East London we cover Central London, Putney, Richmond, Roehampton and South East London. 

Our performance nutrition consulting uses an evidence-based approach using data gathered from consultations and the latest scientific studies. We'll use the latest technology to help us understand everything about your body and how it functions. As well as measuring your anthropometry, we'll also carry out nutrition testing using specialist software to examine the quality of your diet. 

Food is a big part of our performance nutrition plans and we adopt a food first approach. This means that we don't sell supplements or push them on our clients, preferring a more natural food-based approach to nutrition. 

Offering a wide range of packages from performance nutrition testing and consulting to advanced physiological testing, blood chemistry analysis and food intolerance testing, we can help you make improvements and take positive steps to reaching your goals. 

Whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance or just want better health and wellbeing, we can help you on your journey. Following your initial performance consultation, we'll provide you with ongoing support and guidance to help you succeed with your chosen programme. Whatever your goals, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of your own personal plan.

We're happy to offer a free performance nutrition consultation on the phone prior to committing to one of our services. To find out more just give us a call on 07772 285 902 today.


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Focus Food is a leading nutrition and physiology consulting service based in Wapping. 

Using state of the art technology to understand your metabolism and phenotype characteristics (including metabolic rate, body fat, maximum oxygen uptake, blood bio-markers (stress/inflammation) and other performance based measures), we inform a data driven approach to performance and health which sets you up for success. 

"Test, don't guess"